Foodie friends of mine recently moved to a house with an ever-encroaching thicket of bamboo in the backyard. Could they eat it, we wondered the other night as we stood looking at the spindly stalks that—if left unchecked—might take over the neighborhood.

If you’re Joi Ito that’s exactly what you do. The tech entrepreneur has a video on Boing Boing that shows how he and his partner harvest and prepare young bamboo shoots from their backyard in Japan, a labor-intensive two-day process. As Bonnie P. of the Ethicurean says, “By the time it’s ready to eat, his forest has probably grown another five feet.”

Apparently I’m not the only person wondering about growing bamboo for food. At least it would be one edible landscaping the neighbors couldn’t complain about. Unless you happened to go on vacation, stopped harvesting, and your edible wonder took over their yard as well.

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