Month-old Barrio is winning over Park Slopers with a pan-Mexican menu, executed with care. Early winners at this bright new restaurant, which replaced the Seventh Avenue branch of Tempo Presto, include plantain–black bean empanadas; fresh, chunky guacamole; and queso fundido (melted cheese with poblano chiles, shiitake mushrooms, and warm house-made tortillas)—“really good,” promises parkerbk.

Chicken mole hits the mark: “the right mix of sweet, earthy and smoky with a hint of heat,” writes mmm…food. Puebla-style pork tenderloin in peanut–chile arbol mole is “fabulous,” declares jinx, served with corn and Chihuahua cheese pudding. Also recommended: well-made margaritas, crab sopes with epazote and cascabel salsa, and taquitos (roasted pork, beef, or fish; three to an order).

Some fault the spicing as tame, notably in the salsas, ceviche, and above-mentioned peanut mole, according to parkslopemama.

Barrio [Park Slope]
210 Seventh Avenue (at Third Street), Brooklyn

Board Link: Barrio Park Slope

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