Those who prefer their chocolate cake light and not too sweet should check out Pinisi, asianbun advises. This East Village bakery and café, which first landed on hound radar with a unique chile-spiked cupcake, has now created the Sexy Coco Fluff: a moist cake, available as slices or cupcakes, topped not with butter cream frosting but with “whipped cream clouds of silky, fluffy, white marshmallow meringue that could float away,” asianbun rhapsodizes.

For a richer take on chocolate cake, he adds, Pinisi makes a commendable chocolate cupcake frosted with cannoli filling and studded with chocolate chips: “it’s also very yummy but sweeter.”

The owner was a partner in Borobudur, the Indonesian restaurant that once occupied this space, and he maintains the Indonesian connection at Pinisi, brewing a satisfying version of sarabba, the traditional tonic of ginger, coconut, and palm sugar.

Pinisi [East Village]
128 E. Fourth Street (near First Avenue), Manhattan

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