Summer 2010 Gift Guide

Hot for summer, hot for giving

Temperatures rise and trigger fingers get itchy. Hunting season is on: the hunt for delicious foodstuffs, beautiful cookbooks, and handy cooking tools. Channel your desire to buy into your desire to please your friends, family, and co-workers. Who doesn’t love a summer gift?


Tiki refreshers, international grilling, and a bounty of berries

UNDER $15 | Browse

Tools to allow you to slice pizza with panache and sing to your salad

UNDER $25 | Browse

Delicious dogs and help with homemade whoopie pies

UNDER $50 | Browse

Heirloom Old Fashioned glasses and a bread knife masquerading as a crocodile

UNDER $100 | Browse

Delicious ham and a blanket to picnic on

SPLURGE | Browse

A classy home for your chickens and a classy way to cut your meat

If DIY is your thing, look no further.
Well, look here:

  • » Candy Bars

  • » Gingerbread

  • » Cocktail Bitters

  • » Jerky

  • » Pancetta

  • » Digestifs

  • » Granola

  • » Caramel Apples

  • » Sauerkraut

  • » Sausage

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