First, climate change threatened to rock the wine world. Then it went after beer. Next on the hit list, according to Reuters: the black truffle of Europe.

[P]rolonged drought in many of their prime growing regions in Europe and predictions about global warming suggest the future is about as black as the truffles themselves, to the despair of the growers.

‘The bad harvest years, which used to be the exception, are becoming the norm,’ Jean-Charles Savignac, President of the Federation Francaise des Trufficulteurs (FFT), told Reuters.

And although the truffle’s growing zone is creeping northward, the fungi are vulnerable to the frost that’s typical of northern regions—which means that it’s unlikely Norway and England will pick up the slack.

Humanity’s response? More plantations and scientific investigation of drought- and frost-resistant truffles. And, oh, maybe reversing global warming’s effects somehow. That would be good.

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