1. Pull off the outer leaves of a cooked artichoke.
The spiky leaves. The fuzzy, weird choke in the middle, obscuring the part you really want: the tender heart. The artichoke seems daunting. But the characteristics that the plant has developed to protect itself against predators are no match for you and your dexterous fingers. Have at it.

  • 2. Scrape a leaf against your teeth, pulling off the soft flesh.

    3. Discard the leaf.

  • 4. Continue eating in this manner until you reach the leaves that are so thin they rip apart in your teeth.

    5. Cut off the remaining fragile leaves of the artichoke, exposing the fibrous choke in the center.

  • 6. Remove the choke using a spoon, leaving the tasty artichoke heart.

    7. Eat the artichoke heart.
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