The Best Air I Ever Huffed

Oxygen Plus O+Stick

Oxygen Plus O+Stick

I Paid: $19.99 for three spray cans of oxygen (prices may vary by region)

Taste: 4 stars

Marketing: 1 stars

I have loved many stupid products in my day: mint-chocolate-dipped holiday Oreos. Three-pound flats of pasta from Pizza Hut. Even supposedly hangover-proof vodka. But the Oxygen Plus O+Stick is perhaps the stupidest thing I’ve ever consumed and genuinely liked.

Here’s the story: You spend $20. You get three spray cans. These spray cans are full of air. (I know, I know, oxygen is different from air … it’s more flammable, for starters.) So, yes, you have just paid $20 for three basically empty cans filled with “90% Pure Oxygen” and, potentially, a flavor —Peppermint and Pink Grapefruit were the two I sampled, figuring that Natural would be sort of a flavor letdown.

You spray the air out of the can and inhale it. That’s it.

Except—and this is important—there is a bit of a rush of energy that follows each deep inhalation. Potentially a placebo effect, sure. That said, in this case, the placebo actually tastes (well, smells) kinda good. The two flavors are remarkably restrained: Peppermint is pleasantly reminiscent of the nondrilling aspects of a dentist’s office, and Pink Grapefruit evokes a healthy breakfast.

However, at $20 for three cans (with an estimated 8 to 12 uses per canister), maybe it’s worth considering whether this stuff really works—or what works even means. The Oxygen Plus O+Stick doesn’t claim to do anything in particular. Its tag line is “90% Pure Oxygen Concentrated for Natural Recovery.” Recovery from what, exactly? It claims to help you restore and refresh without going too deeply into the how and why. There are also a series of cryptic icons (with labels) on the box: a car (Auto), a plane (Travel), a chair (Office), a mountain (Elevation), a dude running (Play), and a martini (Recovery). (Incidentally: Despite the airplane icon, I dare you to bring one of these on your next overseas flight and start huffing away on it. Send me a postcard from Gitmo!)

Additionally, each box features a long, weird disclaimer that I regret only being able to quote in part due to space reasons. Highlight number 1: “Do not allow leaked oxygen to become trapped in fabrics, hair, or enclosed spaces.” (“Oh no! The living room sofa’s oxygenated! It’s gonna bloooooooooowwww!”) Highlight number 2: “Do not use underwater.” Oh, God. I so want to try using this underwater now!

In conclusion: If you’ve got $20 and you want to occasionally perk yourself up without coffee and weird everyone in your life out while doing it, boy, are you in luck.

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