rworange has discovered there are great snack foods available at the Panaderia Guatemalteca in Richmond. The secret is they are only available on Saturdays, and you have go early as they sometimes sell out by 8 or 9 a.m.

There is a different special each week. Last Saturday it was rellenitos de platanos, which are mashed plantain tamales stuffed with sweet beans. “They were very good,” says rworange: “sweet, with lots of banana flavor.”

However, rworange’s favorite is the Guatemalan version of chiles rellenos. It’s quite different from the Mexican version, and involves peppers stuffed with minced chicken, shredded carrots, potatoes, slivered red peppers, and green beans, all battered and fried.

The only item served every Saturday is tamales. The ones here are distinctly Guatemalan, larger and moister than their Mexican counterparts, possibly with a whole chicken leg or bone-in hunk of pork in the middle.

From the daily bakery selection, there is quesadilla. In Guatemala, this means a buttery pound cake, covered with sesame seeds.

Panaderia Guatemalteca [East Bay]
653 23rd Street, Richmond

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