Jong Ga House’s yul moo kimchee soup is a “delectable” tangy broth with buckwheat noodles and sometimes the occasional ice cube, says 10foot5. You can’t order the soup; it is served as an appetizer, and only as a replacement when the seaweed soup runs out.

As for the regular menu, DezzerSf always gets dol sot bi bim ba (rice and pickled vegetables served in a hot stone bowl) and also likes the kimchee fried rice. Mushrooms are good there, reckons Marc Wallace, who adds that the mushroom bi bim bap and mushroom yuk gae jang are both “quite tasty.”

“The soups are rockin’,” adds jason carey, who “had this beef and egg one that was great.” Unfortunately, he can’t remember what it was called.

Jong Ga House [East Bay]
372 Grand Avenue, Oakland

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Jong Ga House in Oakland

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