Troya provides creative Turkish cooking, unusual dishes, excellent service, and good value, reports susancinsf. The dolmades were “probably the best” she has ever eaten: “The lamb stuffing was rich yet subtly flavored with vinegar and delicious. I’d go back just for these. I almost ordered more right on the spot.”

Manti (Turkish ravioli, stuffed with lamb, and drizzled with yogurt) were “toothsome little pillows, perfectly al dente, delicious,” continues susancinsf. And the beef türlü (a type of stew) featured meat that “really did melt in your mouth,” like a good pot roast.

Hounds report there’s not much of a crowd, even after a recent positive review in the SF Chronicle. “That place really deserves more business than it gets,” says Robert Lauriston. “There really aren’t many restaurants in that price range that offer food that good and atmosphere that pleasant.” (He also reviewed Troya a little while ago in SF Weekly.)

Troya [Richmond District]
349 Clement Street, San Francisco

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