One side effect of rising food prices in America could be weaker drinks. In order to save money on liquor, restaurants may start skimping on the amount of alcohol that goes into each drink at the bar. Walletpop (via Grub Street) says: “In the United Kingdom pubs must sell liquor in 25 ml or 35 ml servings and have bar gadgets that pour exactly that amount. Maybe they’ll start becoming a common sight in the U.S., too.”

The gadgets they’re talking about are called optic spirit measures, and they do tend to lead toward weaker pours than the heavy hands of Stateside bartenders. (When a friend of mine was living in London, he said that he had to order double-shots in order to get a cocktail as stiff as your average New York City well drink.) Restaurants looking to cut back on expenses may also start serving smaller portion sizes, less expensive ingredients, and more high-profit-margin entrées, such as pasta.

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