I always love when artists use food as a medium for their artwork—two great tastes that work great together. Particularly when the resulting art is disturbing or sacrilegious in some way.

In Ratchaburi, Thailand, Kittiwat Unarrom creates art that has these qualities—in abundance. He’s a baker, but his bread loaves are not beautiful round Italian peasant loaves. Instead, they’re shaped like hideous and disturbing dead body parts. Super-realistic and theatrical, the loaves could be props in a zombie film. The heads are sold wrapped in plastic as if they have been smothered. Other body parts are displayed dangling from meat hooks.

They’ree all made from dough, raisins, cashews, and chocolate—and seemingly, plenty of food coloring. At least it’s a refreshing change from other types of creative baking (note: Link is not safe for work).

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