Winter 2009 Gift Guide

The gifts keep on giving and being given

Gathering gift ideas is almost as satisfying as receiving gifts. But not quite. Make the people on your list happy with the wide variety of options here, from cheap to splurge and from delicious food products to products that enable delicious food.


Books for novice cooks, expert cooks, and people who just like reading about cooking

UNDER $15 | Browse

Quirky gingerbread molds, sweet ideas for tabletops, and special seeds for your favorite gardener

UNDER $25 |Browse

An awesome pepper grinder, a spicy, porky treat, and naked-body shot glasses

UNDER $50 | Browse

A starter kit for fermenters, a stylish mortar and pestle, and a direct route to sharper knives

UNDER $100 | Browse

Goth flatware, a clever creamer, and delicious chocolates

SPLURGE | Browse

The perfect mini bar, a collapsible greenhouse, and a Cuisinart perfected

If DIY is your thing, look no further.
Well, look here:

  • » Popcorn Balls

  • » Fruitcakes

  • » Candy Bars

  • » Gingerbread

  • » Cocktail Bitters

  • » Jerky

  • » Pancetta

  • » Digestifs

  • » Holiday Cookies

  • » Granola

  • » Caramel Apples

  • » Sauerkraut

  • » Sausage

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