Serious Eats poses a thought-provoking question: Would you rather be with someone who has bad taste in food or bad taste in literature? The post references a recent New York Times article about using taste in books to gauge romantic compatibility and compares it to another Times piece about relationships between people with opposing diets. For the original poster on Serious Eats, literature is the bigger dealbreaker—both in friendships and romantic relationships—but commenter onespicymama makes an interesting point, writing “You can go a whole marriage without ever discussing James Joyce’s Ulysses, but you can’t go a whole marrieage [sic] with a man who puts ketchup on his eggs and thinks twinkies are pastries.”

Personally, I’ve got nothing against ketchup on eggs, but I do agree that you can have a very successful relationship without sharing deep thoughts on writing. I’ve got several friends with advanced degrees in English who share my love for Nabokov, but I’m not ashamed to say that my better half prefers lowbrow page-turners.

We occasionally read the same books, but food is more closely connected to romance in our relationship. If my husband preferred Applebee’s to uni sushi—or if he were one of those picky people who won’t go to a restaurant that doesn’t offer a grilled chicken sandwich—I’m sure we would have parted ways long ago.

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