To make meatballs and meatloaf moister, greygarious adds leftover coleslaw to the usual mixture of seasoned beef, onion, bread, and milk. The cabbage adds tender sweetness, and is not recognizable by either taste or appearance. You should either microwave and cool, or freeze and thaw the coleslaw before adding it, as this breaks down the cabbage’s cell walls, says greygarious, allowing it to meld into the meat more thoroughly. Also, reduce the amount of milk in your recipe a little.

greygarious uses about three-fourths of a cup each of coleslaw and onion per pound of meat for his meatballs and meatloaf, and notes that an extra egg will help hold the mixture together if you use such a high ratio. If you fry your meatballs, sauté them slowly because the cabbage can scorch easily. Any chopped, cooked cabbage will also work to moisten meatballs, adds greygarious, but slaw is tastiest.

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