The CHOW 13

Our first annual awards, presenting a baker’s dozen of provocateurs, trendsetters, and rabble-rousers

By Lessley Anderson

For our first annual awards, salutes 13 people who made us what we are today.

And by “we,” we mean everybody in our contemporary culinary world. And by “today,” we mean right now, 2009. The world is a different place than it was last year, and these people made it that way. Why are we actually considering a chicken in our tiny backyard? Why are we following lunch carts on Twitter? Why is the beer aisle stocked with names that sound like insults?

Because a few people decided to do things differently. And their new ideas were so good that we followed. Together, their work is a snapshot of the culinary zeitgeist of 2009. gives credit where credit is due: to 13 people who have changed the way we eat and drink, and talk and think about food.

Here are the CHOW 13

Lessley Anderson is senior editor at CHOW.

Matt Timms Novella Carpenter Duane Sorenson Sandor Katz Josh Viertel Richard Blakeley and Jessica Amason Ryan Farr Deborah Madison Roy Choi Sam Calagione Bryant Terry Christina Tosi
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