The Daily Mail reports that a new nonalcoholic beef-flavored beer for dogs is poised to sweep the UK, and, presumably, the rest of the world. “Imported from Holland, where it is called Kwispelbier—’tail-wagging beer’—it is being sold at £1.99 [$4] for a 33cl [11-ounce] bottle,” the Mail writes.

How, one might ask, is a protein- and fat-rich meat-flavored beverage served to dogs in any way, shape, or form actually beer? According to the UK distributor, it’s made using a traditional brewing process and contains malt barley extract.

Additionally, Kwispelbier “encourages drinking, which is good for the kidneys, and is a great source of vitamin B,” according to a source quoted in the Daily Mail.

Smart money is on single-malt Scotch for dogs making its debut during the 2009 Puppy Bowl.

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