The Perfect Beer

By Meredith Arthur and Eric Slatkin

Lessley Anderson, CHOW’s senior editor, has been following the beers made by brewmaster Vinnie Cilurzo of Russian River Brewing Company, and has written about the wild yeast used in them, called Brettanomyces. Here, she explains why she appoints Cilurzo’s Supplication ale as the perfect beer, and CHOW follows as Cilurzo talks about how the beer is made. (Note: Supplication is extremely difficult to find. Your best bet is through trading on sites like and You could also try easier-to-find Russian River sour beers like Consecration and Temptation. For other beers in this style, check out Lessley’s story on funky wild ales.)

The unparalleled. The best in show. We call it The Perfect: our video series on how something so very good gets to be that way.

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