Hot for Korean Barbecue

Ungringo your grill

Blame it on David Chang, the wildly successful Kogi taco truck in LA, or simply the fact that Americans dig grilled meat with a hot kick: Korean food has hit the big time. There’s a lot to love about Korean food: noodles, kimchee, fried rice,

green onion pancakes, banchan, hot pots. But we’ll focus on barbecue—sweet-and-spicy skewers of grilled meat flavored with red chile, sesame oil, garlic, and ginger—for now.

For CHOW’s Korean barbecue menu, we recommend cooking the meat dishes out on the grill (traditionally these dishes are cooked on a hibachi or under a broiler), so you get to enjoy the nice weather and the distinctive charred flavor. There’s pork, chicken, or beef to choose from, and a few sides. There’s also a gingery-fruity soju cocktail that’s untraditional but tasty.

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