Your deviled eggs can get a makeover for picnics, potlucks, and parties

They’re a classic, portable, finger food that almost always gets snatched up at whatever party they attend. Deviled eggs are hardboiled peeled eggs cut in half with the yolks scooped out, mixed with other ingredients like mustard and mayo, and then placed back inside the egg-white cavities. People call them deviled because the mix-ins are often spicy, or  a little hot. In a way, they’re like twice-stuffed baked potatoes. Except not.

You can vary the recipe for these little boats of creamy, tangy goodness to suit whatever — and we mean, whatever — tastes you have. Deviled Egg Recipes aplenty are available for whatever floats your inner tube. Here are a few:

Japanese: Wasabi Deviled Eggs with Roe and Crispy Nori


Sushi-style deviled eggs should be a conversation starter at the family picnic. With exotic ingredients like roe (salmon or uni is great) and deep-fried seaweed, this Asian fusion egg is for adventurous eaters. Get our Wasabi Deviled Eggs with Roe and Crispy Nori recipe.

Fancy Schmancy: Truffled Deviled Eggs


These high-end deviled eggs are laced with sought-after truffles. Truffles show up in everything from mashed potatoes to burgers, so why not use them to top deviled eggs? Get our Truffled Deviled Eggs recipe.

French: Chèvre Deviled Eggs with Asparagus


It’s a little spring, a little French, and a whole lotta creamy, fresh, crunchy, cheesy, delicious. Chévre goat cheese blends with herbs in the egg yolk. Get our Chévre Deviled Eggs with Asparagus recipe.

Thai: Sriracha Deviled Eggs


The spiciness of Sriracha is balanced by the lime, cilantro, and  a hint of sweet-sour from the garnish of pickled carrots or daikon. Get our Sriracha Deviled Eggs recipe.

Rowdy Cowboy Style: Horseradish Deviled Eggs with Seared Steak and Blue Cheese


These bold, hearty, and a little wild deviled eggs are topped with flavors more common to a steakhouse. Though a bit unwieldy to eat, they’re worth the effort. Get our Horseradish Deviled Eggs with Seared Steak and Blue Cheese recipe.

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