Spiked Horchata recipe
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If you’re coming to this Cinco de Mayo cocktail menu expecting a margarita, well, here it is: the Perfect Margarita. And if perfect to you means blended, read up on the history of frozen margaritas (it includes recipes, of course). If you care to continue, we’ve thrown in some more variety for your Mexican drink menu this May 5.

Add Some EatsCinco de Mayo Party Tips from Two Mexican ChefsAs you may have read 50 times by now this month, Cinco de Mayo isn’t celebrated very widely in Mexico (it’s often erroneously thought of as Mexican Independence Day, which is actually September 16), but it’s so popular in the States that many people consider it the kickoff of summer—no matter that there’s still frost in some parts of the country. Since there are no real rules, serve up what you like.

Here’s an assortment of Mexican-influenced, but by no means traditional, cocktails that use beer, tequila, and rum. So pull out the chips, some salsa, and plenty of water, and party—it’s almost summer!

1. Spiked Pineapple Agua Fresca

Spiked Pineapple Agua Fresca


We replaced the water in a traditional aqua fresca with rum, creating a cocktail that throws you into vacation mode with just one sip. Use any fruit you like, but pineapple is pretty perfect. Get our Spiked Pineapple Agua Fresca recipe.

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2. Basil Mezcal Sour

Basil Mezcal Sour recipe


Tequila is great, but mezcal also deserves your attention. Try it in a basil-infused sour with a sprinkle of celery seed to finish. Get our Basil Mezcal Sour recipe.

3. The Eva

Fizzy Apple Soda cocktail recipe


Eve was on to something when she bit into that apple—it turns out the fruit makes a pretty delicious soda. Combine that with a bit of brandy and lemon juice, and you’ve got yourself a sinful little cocktail. Get our The Eva recipe.

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4. Mexican 75

Mexican 75 (French 75 with tequila) recipe


The classic French 75 takes on Mexican personality by substituting tequila for the traditional gin. It’s delicious, and far less fussy than the original. Get our Mexican 75 recipe.

5. Paloma

Paloma cocktail recipe


The Paloma is like a margarita with bubbles. Any 100 percent agave reposado tequila will work here, and a grapefruit soda like Squirt is perfect. Get our Paloma recipe.

6. Red Chile–Guava Margarita

Spicy Guava Margarita recipe


Okay, so this actually is a margarita—but different enough that it still deserves to be considered as an alternative. The “red chile” in this drink’s name comes from homemade Chile-Infused Tequila. Be sure you make it a couple of days in advance to get that spicy kick this cocktail deserves (or cheat and buy a jalapeño tequila). Get our Red Chile–Guava Margarita recipe.

7. Luchador

spicy Mexican beer cocktail recipe


This spicy beer cocktail—spiked with Clamato—might not turn you into an actual luchador (Mexican wrestlers), but it’ll give you something delicious to sip while watching real ones on TV. Get our Luchador Beer Cocktail recipe.

8. Tamarindo Borracho

Tamarind Tequila Cocktail recipe


A shot of good tequila needs usually nothing more than a lime wedge and some salt to enhance it. When you crave an extra kick, try adding a little spicy syrup. Get our Tamarindo Borracho recipe.

9. Squirrel Horchata

Spiked Horchata recipe


Horchata’s nutty, citrusy base is a perfect vehicle for a Squirrel Sour cocktail: a base spirit, lemon or lime juice, and a nut-flavored liqueur—in this case, hazelnut-flavored Frangelico. Get our Squirrel Horchata recipe.

10. Tequila Sunrise

tequila sunrise recipe


This is what you call an oldie but a goodie—and it’s lovely with its layered shades of orange and crimson. Make homemade grenadine or seek out a high-quality brand. Get our Tequila Sunrise recipe.

11. Copa Verde

Copa Verde avocado cocktail


Avocados are for so much more than guacamole—even cocktails, as these naturally creamy tequila and avocado drinks prove. Agave syrup, fresh lime juice, and thyme also feature. Get our Copa Verde Avocado Cocktail recipe.

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