Restaurants should be fined for serving food out of season. So sayeth the angry school principal of the food world, Gordon Ramsay. Last week, Ramsay told the BBC, “There should be stringent laws, licensing laws, to make sure produce is only used in season.” Break the rules? You get a fine.

But does Ramsay practice what he preaches? The Word of Mouth blog at the UK Guardian encouraged readers to take a look at Ramsay’s restaurant menus to see if they live up to his stringent standards. Readers found desserts made with pineapple, nonlocal lettuce, and a suspect ravioli containing Italian winter squash.

The meat on Ramsay’s menus, however, was a far bigger problem: Maze Grill features steaks flown in from the United States and Japan. Some commenters also pointed out that if Ramsay really wanted to go green, he could cut back on his own copious airline flights.

Too busy to respond, the chef had his company release a statement that said, “Gordon Ramsay Holdings recognises the importance of sourcing ingredients which are both local and within season. Nevertheless, the overriding concern for all our chefs is they use the highest quality produce, and therefore in some cases, they source ingredients from further afield.”

Today’s special: crow, with a helping of hypocrisy. Goes well with bile of blogger.

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