Celebrate Festivus

Celebrate Festivus(cont.)

Festivus may be the antiholiday holiday, but it still has a creation myth. This video we found on YouTube shows Frank Costanza explaining the birth of Festivus to Kramer.


There are a number of discrepancies between the Festivus created for the Seinfeld episode and the original holiday, created by Dan O’Keefe Sr. (whose son Dan was a writer for Seinfeld). For example: The O’Keefe family had no pole, no official feats of strength (though the O’Keefe boys may have wrestled, as brothers do), and no set date. Festivus is a holiday free of dogma, free of commercialism (yet at least two people have managed to write books about it), free of restrictive traditions. There is no Ghost of Festivus Past judging you if you don’t erect a pole. Basically, it’s a free-for-all.

Festivus Pole
Instead of a Christmas tree there’s a Festivus Pole. This unadorned aluminum pole is ascribed absolutely no symbolism.

Airing of Grievances
It’s so simple: You sit around a table and tell your friends and family how they’ve disappointed you throughout the year. Family gatherings the world over have unwittingly honored this tradition passive-aggressively; Festivus calls it out.

Feats of Strength
In a final moment of catharsis, it is said that the holiday can’t end until guests wrestle and pin the host to the floor.

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