Sauce-making doesn’t get much more simple than mixing mayonnaise with water. jerry i h has discovered that taking a couple of large spoonfuls of mayo and adding water until the mixture is the consistency of heavy cream, then seasoning with an herb or spice, makes an ideal sauce for fish. “It does not taste like mayo anymore,” he says. “It is rich and creamy but not overly so, with just a faint hint of acid.”

AnneInMnpls uses lemon juice instead of water. toutefrite adds flavor and color to the sauce with saffron softened in boiling water and paprika. gordeaux makes variations using sesame oil and hot chili powder; finely chopped canned chipotles and lime juice; wasabi; and cilantro chutney. hannaone suggests making it with poppy seeds, honey, and lemon juice.

Board Link: Secret Seafood Sauce: mayo + water?

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