Hungry to kill a few minutes at the office? The Honda Crave Reader may satisfy your appetite. It’s a marketing website, meant to show how the Honda CR-V can meet your needs, but the game it plays has nothing to do with cars. The site seems to use the same technology as the clever 20q electronic game to guess what you’re craving in 20 questions. Based on the vague queries—such as “Does it roll?” and “Is it brown?”—I was pretty shocked when it quickly guessed my cravings for a milkshake and a pie (and displayed images of the craved items in the backseat of a digitally animated CR-V).

Unfortunately, you can’t get too specific with your cravings: The closest it came to my pad thai craving was “Chinese Food,” and it took a few extra tries to name “Squash” when I was really thinking of butternut squash. But in the Q&A process, I learned that if you crave an eggplant, it’ll magically appear in the glove compartment—which is almost as fun as a walk to the greenmarket.

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