The Basics: How to Make Veggie Fried Rice

Fried Rice

You'll need:

  • a fork
  • a bowl
  • a vegetable peeler
  • a large frying pan
  • a spoon
  • two eggs
  • three scallions
  • a knob of ginger
  • vegetable oil
  • two takeout containers of day-old steamed rice
  • sesame oil
  • soy sauce
  • a handful of frozen and thawed green peas
  • a handful of bean sprouts

Step 1

Beat the eggs with a fork.

Step 2

Thinly slice the white and pale green parts of the scallions, and peel and mince a 1/2 inch of the ginger.

Step 3

Heat the frying pan on the stove, and add vegetable oil. When the oil is hot, add the ginger. Cook until browned and fragrant.

Step 4

Add the rice to the pan and stir to coat in the hot oil.

Step 5

Add one spoonful of sesame oil and a few spoonfuls of soy sauce; stir.

Step 6

Add the beaten eggs and stir.

Step 7

Add the peas and sprouts, then stir again.

Step 8

To serve, put in a bowl and top with scallions.

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