No need to check for updates: The new Father’s Office is finally open in Culver City. Burgers and beer are as good as ever at the second location, report hounds, with the added benefit of some breathing room when it gets crowded (and it will be crowded). Décor involves lots of wood and bare light bulbs. There are indoor tables and outdoor seating with heaters, but the drill is the same: Order at the bar.

Unlike the original FO, the new Helms Bakery location is also doing cocktails; the house martini is a find, says toothsome. Don’t expect anything with vodka, though.

If you can tear yourself away from the burger, there are some damn fine specials, such as Thai steak salad and duck confit salad.

Father’s Office [Westside–Inland]
3229 Helms Avenue, Los Angeles

Father’s Office [Westside–Beaches]
1018 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica

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