Destination: Twin Cities Crawl

Eating at the RNC


Here are some other food and drink recommendations from trusted Chowhounds.

Mai Village “I’m guessing anything around Xcel will be crowded beyond belief. Your better bet is to head west on University Avenue to take in the Asian places. Mai Village, for example, while maybe not having the best food on the avenue, has pretty good food and an incredible amount of room.”
Brad Ballinger

Gopher Bar “Chili dogs and more local color than you can shake a hockey stick at.”

Saigon Restaurant & Bakery “For banh mi (feed an army for $100).”

The Happy Gnome “Huge microbrew/tap beer selection.”

Joseph’s Grill “A short walk on Wabasha across the river–has basic bar food–good burgers, comfort food. They also have a decidedly Mexican bent on several dishes–which in my opinion are their best. Huevos rancheros or chorizo and eggs for breakfast. Fajitas–large enough for 2 or maybe even 3 to share–at $10.95–with homemade tortillas and FABULOUS homemade salsa.”

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