I worked in a mom-and-pop juice bar years ago, where I discovered my favorite blend: freshly squeezed apple, pear, carrot, and beet juice. Once the job ended, I still craved the concoction, but juice bars were inconvenient and expensive. I knew I what I had to do: juice it myself. After working with a superefficient, mammoth, professional juicer at the bar, I had small hopes for home juicers and even smaller funds to buy one until I found this Waring model.

The machine is sturdy, fast, and pretty quiet. Cleanup is easier than any of the commercial/home juicers I’ve used in the past. I’ve had the ol’ Waring for several years now, and it still continues to encourage health, stave off hangovers, and quench fresh juice cravings with great success.

Waring Pro Juice Extractor (Model JEX328), $69.95

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