The Strategic Wedding Registry

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The Strategic Wedding Registry (cont.)

Registry Tips Avoid getting stuff you don’t want, having to pay return fees, and other pitfalls.

Investigate Return Policies

Inevitably you’ll have to send a gift or two back. Will the store pay the return shipping? Will it give you a full refund, allow you to exchange, or neither? One couple CHOW interviewed registered for more things than they needed so they could return some gifts for cash. Crass? Yes. But it worked for them. Another couple had to pay for shipping to return an entire wine-storage system that was the wrong size.

Look into Price Breaks on Finishing Your Registry

Some outfits, like Williams-Sonoma, offer newlyweds a chance to buy the things from their registry that they didn’t get as gifts at a discount (10 percent in W-S’s case) up to a year after the wedding date.

Find Out If Your Retailer Allows You to Reallocate Funds

If you register at a store like Michael C. Fina, and you notice that, say, only a few glasses have been purchased from your registry and all but one of the plates, you could put a stop on the glasses order and redirect that money toward buying the last plate. (Of course, this makes writing thank-you notes a bit confusing.)

Consider All Seasons

If you’re registering in December, you might not think of insulated pint glasses or grill tools. Planning your registry well ahead of time allows you to visit a store during different seasons, so you can get a fuller picture of its inventory.

Don’t Forget the Flair

People buy “off-registry” because they want their gifts to seem personal, unique, and memorable. The irony is that brides and grooms would, in most cases, rather have what they registered for. To increase the odds that people will buy from your registry, put plenty of things on your list that have flair. Like the sexiest teapot ever or a hydroponic vegetable-growing system.

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