The Hamburger Through Time

The Hamburger Through Time

A short history of the greatest American food icon

The Hamburger Through Time(cont.)






«1962 Lou Groen creates the Filet-O-Fish sandwich to serve to Catholic customers during the Lenten season in an attempt to save his fledging McDonald’s franchise.

«1963 Ronald McDonald, the fictional cartoon mascot of McDonald’s, is born. The character is played by Willard Scott of Today show weatherman fame.

«1968 The Big Mac, the brainchild of Pittsburgh franchisee Jim Delligatti, is introduced.

1968 White Castle has now served over 2 billion burgers.

1969 Young Ohio millionaire Dave Thomas envisions an old-time hamburger chain that will rival McDonald’s, and opens Wendy’s.

«1973 George Lucas’s classic film American Graffiti is released, reinforcing the hamburger as a symbol of American innocence. The movie’s social center of gravity is Mel’s Drive-In, inspired by the San Francisco restaurant.

1982 The first veggie burger is created in London by Gregory Sams, an artist, inventor, social thinker, and macrobioticist, who ran the famous natural-food restaurant Seed with his brother Craig. His vegan creation, the VegeBurger, becomes an overnight success.

«1982 Brad Hamilton (Judge Reinhold) proclaims, “I shall serve no fries before their time,” in the pop-film classic Fast Times at Ridgemont High. The coveted occupation of the high school students is flipping hamburgers at “All American Burger.”

1983 Paul Wenner, owner of the gourmet vegetarian restaurant the Gardenhouse in Gresham, Oregon, invents the Gardenburger, which is made up of leftovers from the restaurant’s kitchen as a means to decrease waste. When the recession hits in 1984, the restaurant folds and Gardenburger Inc. is born.

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