Peter seems to like the strawberry ice cream at Blue Marble: “Oh. My. God. Not only the BEST strawberry ice cream I’ve EVER had but possibly the best ice cream I’ve ever had of ANY flavor.” The chocolate is not bad, either, he adds: “I found myself alternating back and forth between the chocolate and strawberry — trying to decide just how much I wanted left of each for my last bites. Deep sigh.”

Other sigh-worthy orders at this Boerum Hill shop, little discussed since it opened last year, include blackberry, ginger, pistachio amandine, and a tangy, yogurtlike cultured flavor, hounds report. Beyond ice cream, fans love the sweets from Red Hook favorite Baked and coffee from the Hudson Valley roaster Irving Farm.

Blue Marble [Boerum Hill]
420 Atlantic Avenue (between Bond and Nevins streets), Brooklyn

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