How to Make the Ultimate Bagel

How to Make the Ultimate Bagel (cont.)

From Raw to Cooked in Pictures

My goal was to develop a recipe that produced the archetypal bagel flavor and texture, yet was quick and easy. It existed somewhere between the simplest recipe I could find, Nick Malgieri’s from How to Bake, and Rose Levy Beranbaum’s 10-page tutorial in The Bread Bible.

Gathering all the ingredients for bagel magic: yeast, water, bread flour, malt syrup, kosher salt, sugar, and an egg.

The yeast gets dissolved in water (1), and the wet ingredients get dumped in (2) for an easy mix without having to worry about kneading.

The dough almost immediately comes together, and after a few minutes it starts to look shredded.

Once the dough has come together and is smooth (1), it’s time to let it rise (2). After a few minutes, the dough has risen (though not doubled in size) and springs back when poked (3).

The dough gets divided into 12 pieces (1), then rolled into 9-inch ropes (2), and finally connected to form a circle (3). The bagels are taking shape!

The bagels sink as soon as they’re added to the simmering water but bob to the surface in a matter of seconds.

After being brushed with egg wash and topped as desired (we chose poppy seeds, sesame seeds, and coarse salt), the bagels are off to the oven to be baked.

The bagels are done.

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