Four Bands, Four Barbecue Joints

Text by Mike Grimes
Photos by Matt Tyson

Four Bands, Four Barbecue Joints

A sonic tour through American barbecue (cont.)

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Tops Bar-B-Q, Memphis, Tennessee,
with Amy LaVere

Tops is the go-to eatery for the blues- and jazz-tinged trio led by Amy LaVere whenever they’re home from touring. The place was full of Back to the Future throwback charm: brightly colored molded plastic booths, wood paneling reminiscent of a rec room or an Elks lodge, and simple, no-frills presentation. Tops is inexpensive, reliable, quick, and tasty, serving up slow-cooked pork barbecue smothered in a tangy, tomatoey, brown-sugary sauce.

Amy LaVere’s latest album, Anchors & Anvils, is out on Archer Records.

Listen to "Take 'Em or Leave 'Em"
by Amy LaVere

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