Building the Ultimate Green Kitchen

Here are a handful of trusted nationwide vendors that specialize in green cabinetry. Prices given are just an idea, as costs vary widely depending on materials and layout.

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Neil Kelly Cabinets

An early adopter of ecofriendly building products and practices, Oregon-based Neil Kelly has been making environmentally responsible cabinets since the 1990s. It uses formaldehyde-free wheatboard to construct all of its cases, and wood from FSC-certified forests for many of its door styles, which are available in a wide range of designs, from Asian minimalist to American traditional. Prices start at $8,000.

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Richmond, California–based SilverWalker offers four distinct lines: Studio, Craftsman, Heritage, and Fusion. All of the cabinets are custom-made with nontoxic materials and either FSC-certified wood or renewable bamboo. The designers create a 3-D mock-up of your kitchen where you can play around with how the different cabinet lines, door styles, finishes, and hardware will look in your space. Prices start at $12,000.

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The Riciclantica line from ultramodernist Italian design firm Valcucine features doors that are completely seamless, with no handles or hardware—the cabinets have a self-closing mechanism. Made from ecoconscious materials like recycled aluminum, with nontoxic finishes, the entire system can be recycled after use. The company supports and helps fund BioForest Technologies, a research firm that specializes in forest surveys and protection. Prices start at $15,000.

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This New Jersey company reclaims wood in urban areas from uprooted trees and old buildings. The results are cabinets made from dense, old-growth wood that have a beautiful patina and are free of nontoxic materials. All cabinets are designed to the customer’s specifications, and the company can even work off of a photograph. Prices start at $10,000.

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AlterEco uses rapidly renewable moso bamboo to build its custom-designed cabinetry. And its other materials and methods exceed the already strict European Union standards for indoor air quality. Prices start at $10,000.

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The Ontario-based Neff uses marine-grade plywood, a waterproof product that isn’t treated with chemicals, rather than formaldehyde-laden particle board. The cabinets have very low to zero VOC emissions and run the design gamut from traditional to modern. Prices start at $27,000.

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With offices in Seattle and New York, Henrybuilt offers clients the option of choosing a cabinet system from the company’s modular lines (one of the few green cabinetry companies to have these). Its products are crafted from rapidly renewable bamboo or FSC-certified woods, and are formaldehyde free. Prices start at $20,000.

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