St. Cornelius, a Catholic church in Richmond, is “quite the food destination around the noon Spanish mass,” says rworange. About a dozen vendors are on hand to provide raspados, tamales, chicharróns, and cotton candy.

But the real highlight, according to rworange, is the Mexican hot dog cart. “A large griddle was cooking up hot dogs wrapped in bacon. Fresh chopped onions were added to the bacon fat on the grill and nicely browned. The hot dog was topped with the onions, chopped tomatoes, jalapeños, a squirt of catsup and a squiggle of crema … doggy divinity for $2.50.” These treats are apparently easy to find in Los Angeles, but scarcer in the Bay Area.

“When the food gods call, one must answer,” says rworange. “And when they call outside a church … well, it would have been a sin not to stop.”

chocolateninja also reports a Mexican hot dog cart sighting at about 9:30 p.m. “on a rare random night,” near the BART station entrance at 16th and Mission in San Francisco.

St. Cornelius Catholic Church [East Bay]
205 28th Street, Richmond

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