Gigul Gigul is a little Korean restaurant focusing on soups and casseroles, reports daveena, who tried the hae mul dol sot bi bim bap (mixed seafood vegetables and rice) and hae mul pa jeon (seafood pancake). “The seafood was fresher and sweeter than at most Korean restaurants I’ve been to,” says daveena. Go dung uh gai (pan fried mackerel) was a simple, well-cooked piece of good-quality fish, while kim chee jji gae (kimchee stew with pork) had “nicely complex broth with very flavorful, tiny bits of pork.”

Elsewhere on the menu, you can get all the usual panchan: radish kimchee, cabbage kimchee, seasoned broccoli, salted fish. “Nothing unusual, but again, everything tasted really fresh,” says daveena, who points out that this makes a pleasant change from “day old panchan scooped out of some big bin.”

The sign on the front says “Gigul Gigul” in Korean, and “Korean Restaurant” in English. “Gigul gigul” is apparently the sound of soup boiling, says daveena.

Gigul Gigul [East Bay]
308 14th Street, Oakland

Board Link: Gigul Gigul Korean Restaurant (Oakland Chinatown)

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