Eating too much healthy food is just as bad as eating junk food, proclaims the London Times.

In a nutshell, the article cites “a recent study” and concludes:

[Y]oung children who have wholemeal bread, brown pasta and piles of fruit imposed on them are getting too full too quickly and do not have room for enough foods such as dairy products, meat, eggs and fish, which have vital nutrients for growth and development.

Granted the article doesn’t source the study or provide any scientific backing for its assertion, but that doesn’t entirely deshrillify the comment of Warren Jones from San Francisco:

This has to be one of the most ill-informed articles I have ever read. If kids who are eating whole grains are not getting the nutrients they need it’s not because they aren’t eating meat & dairy. They could be missing out on other far healthier forms of fat and protein such as beans, nuts & seeds.

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