Before there was LSD, writers, artists, and bohemians of all stripe turned to the creativity-enhancing powers of an exotic green apéritif consumed with a sugar cube to cut its bitterness.

Made with wormwood, absinthe has long been thought to be closer to a drug than to an alcoholic beverage. It was believed to bring on as much depravity as it did creativity, and was banned for decades in many countries.

But according to ScienceDaily, a team of researchers in Europe and the United States has studied the drink and concluded that it’s actually absinthe’s higher alcohol content that has made people feel the “hallucinations, facial contractions, numbness, and dementia” attributed to it.

With the spirit legal again, you can see for yourself if it inspires you to create the great American novel or painting. Or, you could just sample the lollie version.

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