This election season the politicians vying for the Democratic and Republican nominations have been asked about their policies on a predictable raft of issues, from Iraq to health care to immigration. It’s information you may well need to use on Super Tuesday, February 5, if you live in one of the 24 states that will be making a choice.

But what about the candidates’ domestic policies—at home, in their kitchens? Fortunately for us, the Associated Press looked into this during a series of personal questions with the presidential hopefuls. We’ve summarized its food findings into a downloadable chart (take it into the voting booth!) and interpreted the answers for your voting ease.

Candidate Favorite Food
to Cook
Shunned Food What We Think
They Mean
Hillary Clinton

“I’m a lousy cook, but I make pretty good
soft scrambled eggs.”

“I like nearly everything. I don’t like, you know,
things that are still alive.”

I make the safe choice: eggs and food that’s already dead.

John Edwards

“I can’t stand mushrooms. I don’t want them on anything that I eat. And I have had to eat them because you get food served and it’s sitting there and you’re starving, so you eat.”

Do you care? It doesn’t matter. I’m so honest I’m boring.

Barack Obama


Beets, and I always avoid eating them.”

I’m out of touch with my root vegetables.

Rudy Giuliani

Hamburgers or steak on the grill


In the days following 9/11 I still hated liver.

Mike Huckabee

Rib-eye steak on the grill

Carrots. I just don’t like carrots. I banned them from the governor’s mansion when I was governor of Arkansas because I could.”

Next, I’ll make everybody lose 20 pounds. Because I can.

John McCain

Baby back ribs

“I eat almost everything. Sometimes I don’t do
too well with vegetables.”

Like my fellow Republican candidates, I think vegetables are too liberal.

Mitt Romney

Hot dog

Eggplant, in any shape or form. And I’ve always been able to avoid it.”

I eat the food of the people, even in my skybox. I might like eggplant if I were drunk, but I’ll never know.

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