The urban-rural clash of the century goes down every Tuesday on a farm near Stockholm, Wisconsin, where Robbi Bannen and Ted Fisher sell freshly baked brick-oven pizza that marries the Italian American classic with a locavore ethos.

Twin Cities blogger Aaron Landry of traveled down and filed a report:

People were showing up when we arrived around 5 P.M. to both order pizza for take out as well as set up tables and chairs to dine on the farm with friends and relatives. I talked with Ted Fisher briefly while he was making pizzas and he explained that they try to grow and raise everything in the pizza on the premises. Everything from the wheat in the dough to the animals that produced the cheese to the fresh peppers are all within a short reach of the outdoor wood-fired brick oven they built themselves.

The ingredients range from the classic (Parmesan, Italian sausage from “happy pigs,” red onion, mozzarella) to the exotic (stinging nettles with shallots cooked in cream), and the whole dining experience is enhanced by a picnic-table, BYOB atmosphere that emphasizes fresh air and convivial mingling.

According to Landry, who is no slouch in the pizza-assessment department, the results were worth the commute:

Our pizza was nothing short of beautiful. All the ingredients tasted incredibly fresh. The crust fluffed up perfectly and the edges were almost artfully uneven and were a little crispy on the edges. The cheese was tasty and satisfying. We all were impressed with the pizza to the point where afterwards we couldn’t resist to get another, even if it meant we’d take most of it home with us.

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