I’ve seen the future. Or at least the kitchen of the future, as envisioned in the 1950s (the future being the year 2000, back then). The video, which Lynn Peril at the blog io9 dug up from goodness knows where, appears to be footage from Frigidaire’s kitchen demonstration for the 1956 General Motors Motorama, a big expo that took place in a different city every year (that year it was Los Angeles). You can see the same expo demo in an amazingly kitsch-a-riffic musical promo for the Motorama, in which, after some oohing and ahhing at cars, our couture-clad heroine is whisked away to a fully automated kitchen (love the brassy voice yelling, “Hey lady, your apron is showing!” For shame!) that features a domed infrared oven, a cylindrical glass fridge with shelves that rotate like a lazy Susan, and a sliding island. All of which I now want. Instead of “Where’s my flying car?” my cri de la future is going to be “Where’s my cylindrical fridge?”

(Speaking of flying cars, the vision of an electronic freeway at the end of the Motorama promo is pretty remarkable, even if it never did quite get off the ground, literally or figuratively.)

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