The Year in Food 2007

Rock Out with Your Chopping Block Out

Artists, chefs, and marketing hacks alike attempted to capitalize on the foodie zeitgeist through a crop of projects whose subject was the improbable intersection of food and rock music. Franz Ferdinand frontman Alex Kapranos put out an elegant collection of road-food essays, Anthony Bourdain hosted the Queens of the Stone Age on No Reservations, and Grinder blogger Kara Zuaro published I Like Food, Food Tastes Good, a collection of recipes contributed from all corners of the indie and alt-rock world. Oh, and Sam Mason of New York’s Tailor restaurant has been hosting a somewhat dubious online show called Dinner with the Band. It’s billed as a pairing of so-called “intellectual food”—does his chicken parmigiana actually qualify?—with indie-credible touring bands. If next year takes the trend to its natural mass-market conclusion, keep your eyes out for Rachael Ray and Britney Spears teaming up for the Damaged Goods Tour. —James Norton

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