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My Bubbe, Your Bubbe


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My mom used to put raisins in there.

Bubbe: It’s a matter of choice, whatever you prefer, whatever you’ve grown up with. The one I made I figured would be a basic one: It has the cheese, the sour cream, and the taste of vanilla. And if you didn’t want to do that you could always add fresh pineapple.

How about brisket? I didn’t see a video on the site.

Bubbe: I haven’t done that yet. We’ve got a lot of requests—hundreds and hundreds of emails—and Avrom and I decided the ones that we got the most emails we would do first. So brisket will eventually be on there.

Can you give us a quick rundown of what you do?

Bubbe: You can make it either in the oven or a Dutch oven on the stove. I make it simple. I like to use those little whole allspice, three or four whole allspice. And you have to watch it, add a little water so it doesn’t dry out. Garlic, onions, salt, pepper, the usual spices, and the main thing is to watch it that it doesn’t dry out.

So you can screw it up?

Bubbe: Well, you screw it up if you don’t watch it, because it has to be slow cooking, and you don’t want to overpower it with water, you want to observe. The juices and the flavor will come from the onion and the meat itself. So the water is to help it so it will sort of steam and roast at the same time.

Do you make sufganiyot?

Bubbe: No, I don’t make doughnuts. That takes deep-frying, and I don’t want to bother with that, because I’m trying to concentrate on healthy and nutritional. But I’m making cookies.

Tell me about the Hanukkah cookies.

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Bubbe: Hanukkah is a holiday where a lot of children take part—there are games and everything—and I’ve been getting a lot of emails from preschool teachers and kindergarten teachers, and from children. And I was really excited to get emails from children; I suppose they’re very savvy with the computer, and they wanted something they could make with their bubbes. So I thought cookies would be the best thing for them to make. So I’m going to have holiday cookie cutters; it can either be for Christmas, we have people who …

Avrom: They come from all over the world. Just the other day, Bubbe, you were telling me we got one from …

Bubbe: We got one from Johannesburg, South Africa, and China and India, and I thought, “Gosh, how could they get in touch with me from so far?” But they do. So we figured a nice sugar cookie and show them how we’re decorating them, and that’s something that they can enjoy and be able to serve to company or for themselves and be very proud of their capabilities and what they’ve made.

What’s your complete Hanukkah dinner?

Bubbe: We generally have a dairy meal. I have my Baked Fish recipe, and along with that I make my potato pancakes so that I can serve the sour cream with it, which is dairy, and applesauce. And a nice salad. Occasionally if more of the grandchildren come in from out of town from college, and I want them to have an extra-special meal, for another day I will make a meat meal, and for that I like to make a good pot roast, because I feel that the pot roast will make a good balance with the potato pancakes and the applesauce. And chicken soup of course, chicken soup and matzo balls is a must as far as my grandchildren are concerned.

Is that how you start the meal?

Bubbe: I start it sometimes with a little bit of chopped herring or salad, depending on the weather and the time. And then I have the matzo balls and the chicken soup, and I have to have enough, because grandchildren, bless them, one dish is not enough, they have to have two servings.

Avrom: It’s true, we always have to have a second serving of soup.

What is your favorite Jewish holiday to cook for?

Bubbe: I like the New Year. The beginning of the new year, it’s the beginning of fall, it has a holiday feeling, and that’s where I really concentrate on. The others too, but that’s my favorite.

Avrom: It’s the whole idea of having a sweet new year.

Bubbe: That’s right, the honey and start the new year off right. It’s a nice time of year, after the summer, everyone can get together, and family-wise we look forward to it.

Did you know, Avrom, that this was going to be such a big hit?

Avrom: I had absolutely no idea it was going to be such a big hit. I was just posting it for my résumé so I’d be able to show it off when I was trying to find a job, and little did I know that we’d started getting contacted by all these people and before we know it we’re looking at 18 episodes with more coming.

And so far it’s just been you and your bubbe. Are you planning on having any other family members make guest appearances?

Avrom: So far that’s pretty much it. There was one time that we ended up doing a video for Carson Daly, and my zadie—that’s Yiddish for grandfather—he became a big part of that. Carson Daly said, “Those grandparents are hysterical.”

Bubbe, how do you feel about being hysterical?

Bubbe: When Avrom approached me with this, and I said, “You know, I’ll do one,” then he came back: “Will you do one more recipe?” “All right, two recipes.” Then he came back and said, “Bubbe, you’ve got to do more,” and I said, “What are you talking about? What do you want me to do? I’m retired!” And he says, “Look at all the emails.” And at that time I didn’t know what blogging was, or any of these terms in computers. And I sat down and started looking at the emails, and I thought, “Well, I guess it’s for real.” That’s how we started, and the emails kept increasing, asking for different recipes, different ideas, and I said, “Avrom, there must be a need for it.”

Avrom: Yeah, definitely, to get to a point where the Wall Street Journal [registration required] goes and [writes about us], that was unbelievable, and then having ABC News call up. We never expected any of this to happen—it was supposed to just be something for the family and just for myself personally. But Bubbe managed to personalize this by not using her name and allowing everyone to call her Bubbe; it creates this family feeling, in that people feel like they are really emailing their own personal bubbe, grandma …

Bubbe: They tell me, “When I look at you I feel like I’m in my bubbe’s kitchen, you make me so comfortable, you reminded me of things way back when.” You know, this is memories and feelings, it’s not just the cooking—it has something more in it. And these emails keep coming and coming.

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