Winter 2007 Gift Guide

Give while the giving’s good

Gift anxiety: It’s never pleasant. Pulse racing, palms
sweating—will they like it? What if they don’t? CHOW’s
got the antidote: an assortment of gifts that will fit
your budget and please everyone. Start buying.

By Michele Foley
Photographs by Chris Rochelle

More Giving Goodness

When you’ve had your way with this gift guide, CHOW’s got tons more, ready for the giving and receiving.

Pretty Pleasers

Our gift guides never stop giving.

Summer 2007
Winter 2006

Tasty Pleasers

These online stores supply all you need, when what you need is chocolate, wine, cheese, gift baskets, and more.

Ten Mail-Order Chocolates
Ten Online Specialty Retailers

Tabloid Pleasers

Gingerbread cookies make great gifts. Nicole Richie just gives and gives.

Celebrity Gingerbread Cookies

Stylish Pleasers

When great design is what’s wanted, turn to Wanted.

Champagne Glasses
Tea Towels

Conscience Pleasers

Not everyone needs a tangible gift. Consider putting your dough toward a worthy charity in a friend’s name.

10 Food-Related Charities

Little Pleasers

CHOW Picks offer small pleasures. Someone you know wants a Cadbury Ornament Creme Egg.


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