Chowhounds who like their iced coffee strong have learned that the trick to avoid dilution is to make their iced coffee ice from coffee! As it melts, it won’t add water to your cold cuppa, just more coffee goodness. Some hounds simply brew coffee, freeze in ice cube trays, and store the cubes in freezer bags, but others get more elaborate.

Nyleve has nailed down her perfect methodology: She makes a strong brew with her drip coffee machine, and makes coffee ice cubes from that. For her iced coffee, she pulls a long shot from her espresso machine and puts it in the blender with an equal amount of milk, and sweetening to taste; with the machine running at high speed, she adds four coffee ice cubes (one at a time) until they’re all blended in, then pours it over (plain) ice.

mic9ael makes espresso ice cubes and blends them up with cold coffee, cream, and sugar. For a Colombian version, add a little pinch of cinnamon and sprinkle cocoa powder on top (Fleur).

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