Celebrity Gingerbread: Law and Order Edition

Memorialize your favorite big-shot hooligans in cookie form

In the spirit of the holidays, we decided to celebrate a handful of our favorite infamous celebrities this year by memorializing them in gingerbread. It’s like making lemonade out of lemons—cookies out of (alleged) crooks.

Some, like Nicole Richie and Martha Stewart, have already done time, while Phil Spector never got that far (his case ended in a mistrial). And then there are those (Dog the Bounty Hunter and Bobby Brown, we’re talking to you) who never seem to stay out of trouble’s way.

Try your hand at making the cookies yourself, or just watch the Making of Gingerbread Spector and observe as he morphs from dough into a full gingerperson. We’ve even included details on how to build a holiday-themed holding cell.

Stencil illustrations by Jason Lee

Gingerbread Phil Spector

Published November 19, 2007

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