The Kentucky Derby is this Saturday, and whether you’re watching the races from the infield or from your couch, it ought to be a delicious event. This past weekend, the Boston Globe Sunday Magazine shared some Yankee-friendly Derby Day recipes, such as Hot Browns—over-the-top turkey sandwiches enhanced with butter-sautéed shallots, Worcestershire sauce, sharp cheddar, and bacon—and Kentucky burgoo, a hearty stew of assorted meats and vegetables.

The ideal dessert is a chocolate nut pie that is often referred to as Derby-Pie®, the registered trademark for the chocolate nut pie that was created by Kern’s Kitchen Inc. But if you don’t feel like ordering an official trademarked pie, you can bake one at home—but you better just call it a chocolate walnut pie to avoid trademark infringement. Seriously, Kern’s Kitchen is suing a diner in Frankfort, Kentucky, for up to $1 million because it was advertising and selling Derby-Pie that was baked in-house instead of by Kern’s.

Anyhoo, you’ll obviously wash down your sandwiches, stew, and pie with a Mint Julep, a refreshing concoction of fresh mint, sugar, and bourbon, served over ice. Some recipes call for muddled mint, while others suggest infusing the mint in simple syrup. Some New York restaurants are taking even more liberties with this classic drink: Craft has added a gin julep to its cocktail menu, and Cookshop serves a strawberry-rhubarb version.

For the purists among us, the proper way to serve this cocktail is in a silver julep cup, but if you haven’t inherited any heirloom silver cups, you can always buy new ones. Being that Macy’s charges $45 for a single cup, the 4-cups-for-72-bucks deal at PlumParty seems (almost) like a bargain.

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