How to Eat More (cont.)

Pace Yourself

When your stomach is full, it produces a hormone that lets your brain know. But there’s a lag time between when the hormone’s produced and when it’s received. “When you eat quickly, you don’t give the brain a chance to get signals from the stomach that it’s full,” says Heyman. So you don’t want to eat too slowly, or you’ll realize you’re full and hit the wall.

That said, you don’t want to eat too fast. In a regional hot dog eating competition in Seattle a few years ago, Conti was nearly beat by dark horse contestant Ray Meduna, who gobbled a blistering 14 hot dogs (and buns) to Conti’s 8 in the first eight minutes. However, Meduna got too full and almost barfed two-thirds of the way through the event, while Conti kept going and won. “The last four minutes, like one’s fourth serving at Thanksgiving, is where dreams are made, and realities broken,” says Conti. Verdict: Eat in a steady and determined fashion.

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize

“You want confidence,” says Conti. “There’s nothing wrong with picking up that Flintstone-like turkey leg and waving it around. It will only help your gamesmanship.”

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