Who’s that coming to the rescue of Oklahoma City’s porky-but-plucky
residents? It’s Taco Bell! Yaaay! QSR Magazine reports that Taco Bell and Oklahoma City mayor Mick Cornett have teamed up to create the OKC Million Challenge. The challenge? Eat a bunch of stuff off Taco Bell’s Fresco Menu and lose weight. Registered participants track their weight loss, which is then posted on a website to further encourage a shedding of pounds.

[Taco Bell President Greg] Creed also announced that Taco Bell will reward residents of Oklahoma City with a free Fresco Beef Crunchy Taco when the OKC Million Challenge loses a total of 100,000 pounds, or 10 percent of its goal. Details of the free taco offer will be announced once this goal has been reached.

This is at least somewhat less crazy than it sounds. While it’s
definitely possible to pudge out on Taco Bell, the Fresco Menu stuff
(no cheese, no cheese-esque sauce) is considerably healthier than the standard menu—and actually tastes pretty good (according to me, at any rate).

More troubling than the essentially right-minded concept of the campaign is this: Do we really need democratically elected governments signing endorsement deals with internationally franchised restaurant megachains?

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